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Why No Contact Works When Trying To Get Back With Your Ex-Boyfriend?

If a man broke up with us, we would smile gently and accept the split. We would be kind enough to wish him well and leave the premises with our heads held high. There were no hard feelings or ill will. If he called us, we would treat him the same. We would simply choose to ignore his text and take the high road.

This makes me giggle because your response to a breakup is not kind, warm, or rational. Do you act in a mature manner? It’s not important! You can change the way you see the world by using a few words that have a lot of meaning.

You wouldn’t be able to handle the news of your best friend’s death if you didn’t show emotion. No! It is not! The difference is that there is still a living, breathing person in this world. You are grieving the loss of your relationship. It’s normal to feel upset.

But how you deal with a breakup from the outside is what makes the difference between the women and the girls. Even Rules girls who are accustomed to knowing the rules of dating can be shaken by an unexpected breakup.

First, you’ll analyze your relationship, particularly the last month. Then you will go back over the details in your head trying to find the root cause. You may conclude that you weren’t as available as you should have been. You start to believe you should have cooked more of his favorite dishes. Perhaps you should have taken part in more of his hobbies. It’s hard to comprehend something you don’t understand.

You were both happy, weren’t you? You wish you could talk to him… but he doesn’t answer calls. You are sinking into despair because text messages aren’t being answered, which means that you don’t have any hope of getting a response.

Silence is a woman’s best friend

Controlling your emotions immediately after a breakup is the most difficult part. Silence is the best thing for your emotions. It’s fine to break down… but not before Mr. Ex. Keep your cool, stay grounded, and don’t beg, plead, or grovel for him back. Although it may sound ridiculous, this is exactly what women do after a breakup.

You can keep your emotions in check and your power where it belongs by controlling your emotions. You are the one who is responsible for your emotions. It may seem wrong to conceal your emotions, or that you aren’t being authentic. But men hide their emotions all the time. This is what makes women and men different. We are influenced by our emotions. Men are skilled at reading emotions and using them to our advantage, making us easy targets. You’ll lose the game if you show all your emotions.

You’re likely to have heard the saying “Men think with a penis, but not their brain”? After a breakup, you should be thinking with your heart, and not your brain. Be smart, and use logic during difficult times. To outsmart men, use logic. Keep your mouth shut so that he doesn’t know what you are thinking. Keep him guessing.

You can transfer the feelings of insecurity, rejection, and anger he has caused you to feel to him by not letting him know what you are thinking. No contact makes him smile and take a second look at you. Men want what they don’t have. You must make him feel that you are not his.

Strong women steal the show

Strong women know how to care for their children and take care of the lives they have created. She is also a good listener. She isn’t a fan of drama. She doesn’t let a man make her unhappy. She is confident in her self-worth and value. She is with a man she likes, not because he needs her to. She knows that if a man leaves her life, it will be his loss. She recognizes that having a man around is an added benefit, not a necessity, and she is capable of taking care of herself. Men are attracted to women who can walk away from a relationship like honey bees.

If you instantly jump into fixing it mode to fix a relationship, then you are falling for his game. He expects you to text and call him every hour of the day or night, expressing your unwavering love. This is how the “hard to get man” is used to. Guess what? You’re losing his respect for him every time your name appears on his phone. He thinks he is the star of the drama. He is assuming that his actions will convince him that he doesn’t need to work a sweat just to win you back.

Many women fall in love too quickly and, without realizing it, end up giving away too much of their own self. Perhaps you were difficult to get at first, but let him chase after you like a lion pursues its prey until he finally catches you. Perhaps your fault is being too kind and too open. Men believe that women who are too kind and available to men are not only hungry for love, but also dehydrated. Most women don’t realize what they’re doing until it’s too late.

It is only natural to desire to make your man happy. When you give away too much, a relationship can unravel. He has lost interest in you. He has lost interest in you. You were the woman who gave too much, made her own schedule, answered the phone when it rang, and gave your all, only to be shocked when he got bored or find someone who gives him the thrill of the chase. It’s a never-ending vicious cycle.

How to Prevent a Man from Losing Interest

You can’t lose interest in yourself if you don’t lose interest in him. You set high standards that require him to constantly strive to exceed them. You must know your limits and refuse to accept bad behavior. By

He will respect you so much that he will place you on a pedestal. You’ve been caught by not allowing him to believe.

Most men are focused on making the conquest. They want to be able to have you. They don’t have to prove anything once they have you. Then they can move on to the next woman who believes they are handsome, smart, and charming. Men are afraid to commit. This is the biggest myth about relationships. Men fear losing the adrenaline rush that comes with a new woman believing he is some fairy prince charming.

If you have other things in your life, he doesn’t feel trapped or suffocated. So make sure your life is full. A man should be seen as an addition to a great dish. Although the dessert can be enjoyed as is, it tastes even better when you add all of the toppings.

Emails, text messages, and social media

It is almost impossible for women to be anonymous and it is even more difficult to deal with a breakup due to the sheer number of communication channels available. You can use keyboards to quickly express any emotions that you need. A pissed woman can send text messages faster than anyone else.

Women are often described as creatures of routine. Add an unexpected breakup to the mix and you will be devastated. You may be devastated by the split, but Mr. Ex is one step ahead. He had ample time to prepare and plan his exit before he informed you. He’s handling the split like a pro… he had plenty of time to mentally prepare and to disconnect emotionally.

Why do women lose the battle of the breakup?

Because women can’t cope with being mentally prepared. It shocks you! It shocks you! This is also an excellent example of what to avoid.

You can handle a breakup by being silent right away. No Contact has two goals. The first is to heal from the breakup and move forward to Mr. This gives you the opportunity to start your new life. It tells Mr. Ex you are confident in who you are and competent enough to manage your own life.

Second, give Mr. Ex time and space so that he can wonder what your thoughts are. You can regain control of your emotions and regain your power by controlling your emotions. No contact is a cover for the fact that you might be in serious trouble. No Contact, regardless of what your goal is, accomplishes the goal.

You don’t need to announce to the world or Mr. Ex that you are not going to speak with him again. Start No

Contact means that you are taking a step back, and will not make any effort to contact him.

This includes, but isn’t limited to, phone calls, text messages, and running into Mr. Ex. And no ex-sex! This means that you will accept the end of your relationship as it is, regardless of whether you feel closure. Women who are self-aware and confident in their own worth won’t seek out men. A man will not value you if you rush to fix things after a breakup

Make an agreement with yourself to not initiate any contact. Believe that you are worth a phone call if you don’t believe any of these things about yourself. You can stop causing more damage by trying to contact him via any communication method, such as texting, calling, emailing, or e-mailing him.

No damage control is required

It is not necessary to apologize, explain or excuse yourself for your actions. It was normal to feel emotional. This is a sign that you love him. He will eventually forget all the negative thoughts and start to think about the positives by being silent.

Oprah Winfrey once stated, “Lots and people want to ride in the limousine with you, but what they want is someone who will get on the bus with them when the limo stops working.” This can also be applied to relationships. You want a man who can deal with both the good and the bad times. You can rest assured that if he doesn’t want you during the good times, it is unlikely he will be there for your needs during the difficult times. Marriage vows are necessary for a reason.

Include “for better and for worse”. Men are problem solvers at heart. They will fix it if they are motivated.

True alpha males will not miss a beat in coming up with solutions for a problem. He will find a solution to any problem if he wants you. He will do anything to get you. If he doesn’t manage you on your bad days then you should understand that he isn’t worthy of your good ones. This one is easy to forget.

To make him miss you

He grew to appreciate the attention you paid him while you were in a relationship. He enjoyed the benefits of a committed relationship with you, including being available to answer his calls and text messages, as well as meeting you for dinner.

You can’t make him miss you if you aren’t in a committed relationship. Only by making him feel the void, will he be serious about wanting you back and keeping your name to himself. Keep in touch with him throughout the

You fail to make him feel your absence from his life at the beginning of a breakup. Just like a death.

You can ignore him, which is against your every fiber. But now you need to show self-control and restraint. You will want to answer his calls quickly, but you should not give the impression that you are waiting for him on the phone or via text. His call should go straight to voicemail. It may take several hours or even days for you to respond.

Don’t reply to a text he sends, such as “This is beautiful weather.” It doesn’t require an answer. It is a text that requires no response. He can also declare by text that he “misses” you. He’s just saying he misses your company. He isn’t asking for a dinner date. He isn’t asking for a dinner date. You shouldn’t reward him just for being able to type sentences on a keyboard. If this is a short-term relationship, I doubt he can jump in his car to be right next to you in twenty-five minutes. You can show him the silent treatment until he knocks on your door and makes grand gestures.

You must make him start again if reconciliation is possible in the future. He has to put in the effort to restore the relationship to its original state before he lost his way. That’s correct. Let’s get to the chase. Until

Then, you’re busy living your new life!

You are letting him know nothing about you and your thoughts, and you’re slowly allowing insecurity and rejection to grow within you. To do this, you must make him feel that you are not his.

This may be a lie. How does that work for you? There wouldn’t be any need in a perfect universe, but it isn’t perfect. You have a good chance he has been playing with you for many months, years, or even longer. The thrill of the chase is what men love. He may become bored after he has you. You can have fun and learn how to play this never-ending game.

Women don’t have to work hard for what they want when they’re in love, which is something men don’t understand. Men mistakenly think that love is a sign of neediness, when in reality you are trying to make the relationship work.

Your instincts want you to communicate. To understand No Contact’s actions, it is best to not do the exact opposite of what you want. You can take your 100% availability down to 20% if you are not available.

Sherry Argive said, “Men don’t respond to words. They respond to no contact.” Let silence speak volumes about you. This is the moment to show your inner strength and beauty. Let him know that you are moving forward with your life and it functions without him. This is when Mr. Ex will start to pay more attention to you. You’ll be asked what you’re doing for a change, and he’ll wonder what’s going on.

This is what you want. You want to change your relationship with him. You were devastated when he split with you. You didn’t have the chance to repair what was wrong. You can take away his emotional control over you. You win. Now you have the chance to prove him wrong. It will put his Texas-sized ego in check.

This is the best time to restore the life you lived before your husband entered your home.

the world. Reflect on who you were as a woman when you first met. Now is the time for you to start to be that woman again if you have let yourself down in any way. You can set new goals and create a plan to achieve them. This not only makes your life more fulfilling, but it also makes you more attractive for men. Men love women who are always striving to improve themselves.

15 Ways To Win Your Ex Back – Reverse The Breakup

It is so difficult to break up because it feels like no one understands. Fortunately, there are many people who understand exactly how you feel. I am one of them! One of those feelings is the desire to be together again. While there are many ways to get back together, consider simply getting over the breakup. But if you decided you want your ex back then continue reading.

First, stop begging or crying for him/her to be taken back. You have to agree that in this state your judgment is compromised and ordinarily you wouldn’t act this way. Poor judgment will lead to poor outcomes, so promise yourself to get together and act in your best interest REGARDLESS if you two will be back together or not.

Think this way, this behavior makes you look ‘devalued’ in their eyes. You lose a piece of yourself when you beg your ex-partner to return. You are decreasing your self-worth, your value and showing that you don’t care as much about what the other person wants, which is to break up with you. Respect that.

In addition, although you may not realize it, you are putting yourself down. This will affect your self-esteem and your perception of yourself. This is a sign that you are willing to lower your standards just to maintain your relationship with them. In this mental and emotional state, you’re likely to be taken advantage of or even being abused. In the end, most likely, you won’t get what you so desperately want right now.

First tell yourself that you will (at least for the time being, stop crying and pleading) and cut off any contact with that person and give yourself time and space to bring yourself up. How to cut off the contact it read in the No Contact Rule section.

To win your ex back, you’ll want to reduce (or as mentioned before, go no contact) one-on-one communication. Just as you need space to gather your thoughts and feelings, your ex needs it too. So give him/her an opportunity to ‘miss’ you by having some time apart.

Just like you, they can feel ‘lost’ when you are not around. Your absence inevitably will make them think of you, so it’s a good time to think of yourself rather than continually knocking on your ex’s door. You want your ex to be receptive to you, and your best bet for it, is to leave them alone.

The number three tip for winning your ex back is to think and act like the person who moved on. Brainstorm, what you would do, or would want to do if you were happy and single? If the breakup is recent, then feeling sad is perfectly normal, so take some time for it. However, don’t allow it to disable you from doing things you ordinarily would want to do.

In fact, make an effort to come up with NEW activities you could preoccupy yourself with. The keyword is new because new activity puts you in an unfamiliar situation and it will force you to think and feel differently. For example sadness, or self-pity. In addition, your self-esteem will go up and you’ll feel good about it. Take that class you’ve been thinking about, it will do good for you.

Number four is to be who you are. You were attracted to one another for a reason. So, compromising yourself is not a way to get back to a relationship. If you catch yourself doing things (or being done to you) that inside feel sub-standard you need to take a step back from it.

Ask yourself, pursuing your ex in this way, is it a genuine me and who I am? After the breakup, it is easy to steer off your normal self, so maintaining your balance is very important.

Accepting the reason for the breakup should be number five. To accept the reason is to accept the breakup and this is a good thing. Now, what can you do about it?

If the reason you’re thinking about is another person’s doing, then certainly this is out of your control. However, if this is about you, then first you need to decide whether that reason is something you want to change in yourself, and if you do then you can choose to try to fix it.

On the other hand, you find that this reason is a valuable trait, then getting back to the person who doesn’t value it is not a wise thing to do. The relationship simply won’t work, it hasn’t, and no amount of trickery can fix it.

Six, if you feel level-headed,  and have not had any contact with your ex for a while, you might now consider setting up a meeting to just talk.

Keep the conversation light and friendly, not too serious. Talk about the good times and keep it casual. Don’t talk about the negative stuff. Also, don’t try to point fingers or deny any wrongdoing. This step is crucial because of your attitude, how you conduct yourself. You really don’t want your ex to go in defense or attack. And if he/she does, then think how much of it is your doing.

Getting back together is the motive, yes, however at this point you’ll have to address the breakup reason talked about in step 5. Since you decided to work on yourself pertaining to that reason, you can go ahead and share it with them. Tell them what steps you took and how it is going.

Important: Don’t expect a particular response or outcome from them. After all, you decided to work on it because it serves you first and utmost.

Imagine, you’re a bird of paradise trying to seduce a mate, and your dance is to reveal the steps you’re taking to correct the reason for the breakup. You’re only presenting it as a “by-the-way” thing. The “bird mate” might not be as convinced or trusting you as you’ve hoped for. Nonetheless, accept it and trust that you’ll continue improving yourself.

Nobody can tell if or when they’ll let you back into their lives. But when a situation or an opportunity arises, to prove your efforts for a change, you’re the most important witness.

To win your ex back, number eight is to be kind and courteous with them whenever you see them. Don’t get into fights, glare, or accuse. Do not accuse. Keep your head up, smile, and bear it…no matter how difficult it is. It’s possible to be polite but still not interested in your ex. Nothing drives an ex crazy more than believing that he/she isn’t important to you at all. This is how they will want you back, and sometimes it’s the best way to get them to love you.

Number nine requires you to be strong and to know yourself. It is amazing to me how out of touch people can be with themselves. People who don’t know themselves will attach to others and then become disillusioned when that person leaves them. If you identify yourself with another person, you can lose your identity if the relationship ends. This is a time to get to know yourself.

Flexibility is number ten on the list of getting back together. You were part of the breakup so you’ll have to adjust. Be a bit more accepting of the situation and less demanding.


The number eleven tip to win your ex-boyfriend back is to get on with your life. If you remain stuck in the past, it will make it difficult for you to be seen as a reformed person. This could result in losing the chance of a new start of a relationship. If your ex can be persuaded to give you another chance, they want to see you as a person who made or is making the changes to better themselves.


Give him reasons to be with you. Your life and yourself should be amazing! You will show them how much of a catch they have lost. This means knowing how to regain your attraction. A breakup with someone is a sign that they have lost their attraction to them. Most people who “dump” someone focus their energy on the person’s faults and flaws, which leads to a loss of attraction that just gets worse.


You will need to find something that makes you happy, such as a new job, hobby, or lifestyle. They will see a happy person and may wish to get back. Studies after studies have shown that happy, joyful partners are more likely to end up together. Do something that makes you happy and cheery.


Do go out on dates and meet people. Meeting and talking to somebody new will give you a better perspective on your ex. You may even find somebody you really like. If your ex found out about your open season, they may naturally feel jealous and initiate a conversation.


Do not IM, text, email, or write to your ex. When it comes to making your ex miss and want to be with you again, the ‘no contact‘ is better than ‘best contact’. You are more valuable to them if they wonder what you’re up to.

The Breakup’s Worst Case Scenario

Some relationship breakups are more serious and require a bolder and bigger plan to reunite.

Sometimes, relationships cannot be saved, while other times they can. The wise thing to know is the difference. But our hearts can have a very ‘overriding effect’ on our brains. It can be very, very overwhelming! Sometimes love is lacking common sense and we take a ‘black-and-white’ approach.

If you are certain that your relationship is over, you can accept it as a gift. Be thankful for the moments you shared together, then move on.

The most painful thing about a split is the feeling of complete loneliness. Even when our friends and family surround us with love, support, and care. Even at a large party, or even in the middle of a traffic jam, packed mall, or packed conference room.

It is this aloneness that wakes you up in the middle of the night and welcomes you with the dawn light. Follows you home at the end of each day and escorts you to work. A good support group can help you stay strong and encourage you when you start to feel weak.

While breaking up with someone you love can cause all sorts of negative emotions, it can also lead to a lot of pain. Breaking up from a narcissist could create its own unique kind of pain. You may feel insane if you are completely cut off from your loved ones.

It’s as if the relationship never existed. …. It seems like they changed from loving you to loathing you, and then to not even remember you at all. They can be cruel, heartless, apathetic, lacking empathy, or even loveless.

This sudden loss of appeal can be very hurtful. To make matters worse, your ex-partner may trash your character to others. These actors are so skilled at convincing people to believe anything about them. They can make even the most intelligent people hate you, and even turn your family, friends, and long-lasting relationships against you.

Most of us find it very difficult and emotionally draining to be rejected by someone we have feelings for. You will get through it, come out of this experience a better person, and be able to look back on how much you have learned from it.

Through it all, however, we learn, improve and become somehow “better”. It’s a bit like being in a cocoon. We emerge from an unwelcoming, barren place a beautiful, new butterfly. You are more alive than ever,  and more beautiful. We end up being grateful for the chance had.

I wish you all the best and I appreciate your time. Keep in mind that all things can be achieved with faith and hope.

Super Tips And Tricks To Get Your Ex Back Fast

So you’re all alone. Now what? Now what? You are now alone in bed for the first time in months, maybe years. What happened to your warm body? You remember last night as you get up from your bed. It is all-consuming and intense. You feel numb, depressed, and unable to eat. You will be asking yourself questions such as: what caused the fight? When did it escalate and are you really done with it? Then you will be asking yourself, “What do I do now?” You will also be asking, “What should I do now?”

It’s not a good idea to call your ex-partner.

It is tempting to just call your partner and say sorry, but are you really aware of what you should or should not be sorry for? This will only let your partner know how important it was to you, which is not what you want. Seduce Your Ex suggests that you don’t contact your ex for 30 days after a split. You can access the system here.

It’s not a good idea to indulge in an eating binge

Although eating can make you feel better temporarily, it won’t help you to heal your relationship. Eat healthy snacks like carrots and celery instead of fattening foods such as chocolate and ice cream. You will feel better about your appearance, whether you are trying to revive a relationship with an ex or start a new one.

It’s not a good idea to make your ex jealous

You should not try to make your ex jealous by going out looking for a partner. Jealousy will not make a relationship work and can only lead to more negative emotions. You also run the risk of injuring another person mentally by jealousy. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

It’s not a good idea to be a friend.

You want to avoid the “friendship trap”. You must not be viewed as a friend of your ex. It is nearly impossible to return to a serious relationship with your ex if you are a friend to them. This program, Seduce Your Ex, can be used to immediately get rid of the pain and suffering caused by a breakup.

You should distance yourself

You have already discussed putting distance between yourself, your ex, and the reasons for it. Now you must distance yourself emotionally from the breaking up. You don’t have to give up on your ex or the reasons behind the breakup. Take a few deep breathes and try to calm down. You can think rationally and logically about the reasons behind the breakup.

What was the Fight About?

Remember what caused the fights that led to the breakup. Is the initial disagreement minor or major? What caused the fight to spiral out of control These factors may have played a part.

  • Cheating
  • Lying
  • Small problems that spiraled out of control
  • Quality time is not enough
  • Fighting is a constant activity
  • The problem can’t be solved with insufficient or poor sex.

Think about the cause of the fight and ask yourself if it is something that can be solved. Do you think it is something you can compromise on or will your ex be open to a compromise once things have settled down? Is it something you can continue to disagree on if the matter cannot be resolved? Most disputes are minor and can be resolved if they cannot be resolved.

Do You Want Your Ex Back?

This is the most important question that you’ll ever ask! Are you truly interested in your ex-partner? It is essential that you are 100% certain you want to be together again with your ex. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Rebuilding a relationship takes effort and hard work. Make sure you are truly interested in the outcome before you start. It will only lead to more conflict between the parties if the reconciliation process is stopped halfway through. These are important questions to answer. You need to be able to spend some time apart from your ex (30 days is recommended) before you try to get back together. Stop trying to get back together with your ex if the matter cannot be resolved, ignored, or you’re not sure.

Do good to yourself

Be kind to yourself while you are away from your ex. Don’t dwell on self-pity or depression. Get out with friends, have your hair done, and go shopping. You should do something completely selfish and solely for yourself! You will be more self-confident and will attract your ex to you.

Contacting your Ex

The First Meeting

There are some very important facts to keep in mind when you meet with your ex after a breakup.

  • Neutral location
  • Confident and self-assured
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Keep calm and be aloof
  • Listen
  • Keep it brief
  • Take control of the meeting

The first meeting should be held in a neutral, non-threatening setting such as a coffee shop or deli. Your ex should feel confident and self-assured throughout the meeting. According to the “Seduce Your Ex” system, telling your ex that you don’t need them anymore will make them love you more than ever.

This system is again available here. During the meeting, keep eye contact with your ex to let them know that you care and are not afraid. Keep calm and collected during the first meeting. Don’t let emotions take over your meeting.

You must listen to your ex without interrupting. While you may not agree completely with them, it is important to let them know that they are valued. Don’t let your ex feel that the relationship is complete or closed. Keep the meeting brief. Take control of the meeting and don’t let emotions or your ex influence it.

What to Watch

During the first meeting, you will need to be alert for these signs: It is crucial that you both want to be together.

Your ex:

  • Enjoy your company
  • Has said they are not in a serious relationship with anyone else
  • You have lost weight or your dress to impress
  • Start a second meeting with your
  • Talks about serious topics

These are signs that your ex is interested in getting back together. After you have made it clear that you want to work things out together, further meetings can be organized. These guidelines will help ensure that these meetings are successful.

More Meetings – Almost Back Together


  1. You must not have sex after it is established that you are together for the long term.
  2. Take dates. Meet in public places such as restaurants, cinemas, parks, and restaurants. Avoid situations that will leave you feeling isolated. Each meeting should be treated like a first date. Get to know one another again.
  3. Slow down – don’t rush your relationship. Both of you need to take time to work through the arguments and issues that led to your breakup.
  4. Each meeting should be intimate. Slowly increase the intimacy by making each one more personal.
  5. Promise things you can’t keep – This is very important for a long-lasting relationship. Trust is the most important factor in any relationship.

The Future

Let go of the past

Let go of the past. This is the first step to a new relationship with your ex. Both sides should resolve any past issues and agree to move forward without referring back! This is especially important in situations where one or both parties have said or done things that were not intended. Spend as much time together as you can. Quality time can be defined as time alone, talking to one another, or relating in other ways. If both partners are willing to listen and talk to one another, sex can be a great way to spend quality time.

We are open to disagree

There will be disagreements in every relationship. Your partner and you must agree to disagree on certain things. You can either agree to talk about issues that you don’t agree with without getting emotional or having it escalate into a fight and/or you can agree on topics and issues that you will not discuss.

Avoid Fighting

Avoid fighting in your future relationships. If possible, avoid the topic. A disagreement over trivial issues can turn into a full-blown fight if emotions get out of control. The majority of breakups do not involve any particular issue. They are caused by emotions spiraling out of control and people speaking in the “heat anger”.

Tips and Tricks

Many tips and tricks are available to make your relationship successful. Although the long-term effects of these tricks and tips are not clear, some reviewers believe that they can help to restore a relationship that is already in trouble or rebuild it. Seduce Your Ex is a program that can save any relationship. You can download it here. Seduce Your Ex claims that anyone can get the marriage they desire with the right information. You can access this system here. Here is the Seduce Your Ex guide. It will show you how to seduce your ex.


As long as both partners want to save it, over 90% of all relationships are possible to save. Even if one partner isn’t convinced that they want to save the relationship, they can often be convinced that they do. Use the tips and tricks, guides, and tips available online to make your relationship work. These skills will be invaluable in your life and in your relationships. Most relationships can be saved, regardless of the cause. It is possible to save a relationship if BOTH of the partners are interested. You can resolve even the most important issues if you work together towards this goal.