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26 Breakup Rules To Live By

  1. Do not try to be friends.
  2. Do not make contact with Mr. Ex.
  3. Do not try to convince him otherwise.
  4. Avoid going to places where you are certain he will be.
  5. Do not try to solve problems via text message or telephone. (Remember real conversations require eye contact)
  6. Do not answer each call. You should only answer one of his three attempts to reach you.
  7. Do not respond to text messages that say “nothing”.
  8. Do not ask him for a date. Wait for him to ask. If he does not ask you for a date, it is likely that he isn’t interested.
  9. Last-minute dates are not something you should agree to. Tell him if he wants to meet you that day. You can make a suggestion for the next day or three days later.
  10. After seven o’clock, don’t answer your phone or send any texts.
  11. Weekends are not the best time to answer the phone or send texts.
  12. You shouldn’t invite him into your home.
  13. Don’t accept last-minute dates. Accept that he isn’t planning dates.
  14. Do not compete with other women.
  15. If he isn’t a good match for you, don’t go out with him.
  16. Don’t rush into sex.
  17. Recover your love for Mr. Ex (only better).
  18. Return items that are urgently required. See faqs.
  19. Plan your week week ahead and stay busy.
  20. Make a list of the requirements that you need in a relationship.
  21. Take your time to heal.
  22. Rely on your friends during this time
  23. Always look your best.
  24. No matter how much you may not want to, it is important that you start dating men.
  25. Learn to love the chase.
  26. Do love yourself …

Always, always, always, be classy!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Mr. Ex. needs to have a razor, toothbrush and other personal items returned. To make arrangements, should I text or call Mr. Ex?

Answer: These items should be thrown out with the rest of your garbage. You should throw away personal items that are easily replaceable. You don’t need to think about it. You should pack personal belongings of significant value in a box and send them to your home address. No note. No card. Mr. Ex anticipates opening the box to find a sweet love note asking him to return to you. You can make Mr. Ex question your motives and take away his ego. If Mr. Ex insists that he swing by your home to get any items he left, tell him that you will be happy to leave a (neatly packed) box at your front door. There’s no need to ring your doorbell. You can go shopping, or visit friends.

Question: He needs his house key back. Do I need to call or text him to arrange for delivery?

Answer: Send the key to him in an envelope. Without speaking to Mr. Ex, make all arrangements necessary to get him the key. Do not waste time making a note or card to accompany the key. If he can think half a dozen times, he will be able to open the envelope and recognize that it is his house key.

Question: My facial creme was left at my neighbor’s house. Do I need to drop by his house to pick it up or should I just leave?

Answer: No, unless you paid three hundred dollars and the full jar was imported from England. If you are able to afford facial cream for three hundred dollars, chances are that you can buy another jar. You can always buy more at the drugstore.

Question: My husband and I have children together. What is the best way to start the no contact rule for children?

Answer: No. Communicate with children where they are concerned. The children are not the only thing you should communicate with. Communicate clearly and concisely.

Question: It is his birthday. Do I send him a Happy birthday text?

Answer: Answer: No. He will remember who didn’t send him birthday wishes for longer than who did.

Question: How about Christmas? What about Christmas?

Answer: No. If you get a text saying ‘Merry Christmas,’ it would be a good idea to reply. You would respond with a ‘And one to me’ message. Wait at least three hours before you reply. Send the text to him after 8 o’clock at night. Wait until the next day for a reply. Resume no contact.

Question: Is it Valentine’s Day? Should I send a Happy Valentine’s text? Answer: You can guess my answer. No. No. No. No. No. No. No! It’s possible to not see it, but you may not be aware of the fact that he sent several dozen roses to different women.

When he asks you to go out for Valentine’s Day dinner, you should politely reply “Have Plans”, especially if you only plan to stay home with your dog and watch Grey’s Anatomy. If he wanted to wine-and-dine you for Valentine, he would have made arrangements for it well in advance. I trust you get my point. He should not be contacted in any way. If he is your next-door neighbor, and you see fire coming from his windows, it is acceptable to end No Contact. You can break No Contact at this time. Do not let anyone get in your way!

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What You Need To Do To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Sarah Jessica Parker once stated, “When men try bold gestures it’s generally considered romantic.” It’s usually considered psychotic or desperate when women do this. The best way to avoid it is not to take any approach. That’s right. Your only task is to relax and be the feminine, soft-spoken creature God created you to be.

The purpose of a man is to chase you and protect you. At his core, he wants you to be happy. To try to steal the thrill of the chase is to be a thief. Women who know their worth will not make any effort to win the attention of men. They are more open to taking it or leaving it. A man will do everything in his power to win back a woman who has been a good friend. He may have needed space and time. It is possible that it could be another woman. If that’s the situation, he will have to work hard to return your favors. It’s as simple as that. It’s easy to forget that we are women in today’s modern world and allow the man to take the lead.

Although it may be fun to chase a man for a while, the best women know that true confidence comes from knowing that he is interested in you. It is important to pursue him. It proves his worthiness, and eventually separates the men from the boys. You gain confidence knowing he is right where he wants to go. An easy woman is not something a man will appreciate. While he may have a quick catch for a while, he won’t ever slip a ring on his woman’s finger.

A patient woman is a smart woman

Patience is a sign of maturity and self-control, which are qualities that men love in a woman. This shows that you can control your emotions. Be the best woman you can be. Repeat to yourself …. Me. Me.

Me. Me. Me. Now is the time to prove Mr. Ex and Mr. Rights to the world that you’re worth it and be your best.

This is a time to reevaluate what it takes for you to be happy and fulfilled. Everybody needs a little help from time to time. This is the right time to be passionate about your life. You want a man who will make you his priority. You have to admit that Mr. Ex didn’t bring what you need, regardless of whether it was a personality conflict, timing, or another woman. As I mentioned, he is not the only man with a pulse or penis. There are millions upon millions of hunters around the globe… you’re the prize.

You could be making fatal mistakes

This may be a way to speed up the process by initiating contact.

Avoid trying to speed up the process by making these errors:

  • You can call him
  • Texting him
  • Send an email to him
  • Plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or cocktail.
  • Remind him in a loving manner that today is your two-year anniversary
  • Offer to prepare his favorite meal
  • Send him old photos of you two
  • Send him sentimental notes
  • Send him flowers
  • Initiate affection
  • Initiate sex
  • Remember special moments you shared together
  • Tweet or post about him
  • Tweet or post how much your love for him is. Tweet or tweet how you miss him. Wish him a Happy Birthday. Merry Christmas
  • We wish him a happy new year

Do not give the impression that you are thinking of him by doing things that might make him feel like he is on your mind. It’s safe for you to assume that you think of him when you talk about him or do things for him.

Men are not comfortable talking about their emotions or feelings. This is precisely what you want to get him to do. Now, stop talking and just be silent. You will never be satisfied unless he does everything for you.

Ask yourself, at the end of it all, if you really want a man who is interested, available, and reliable? These are all key ingredients to a long-lasting, successful relationship.

Keep calm and carry on

To start the No Contact Rule, you must first take the time to manage your emotions and allow your brain time to connect with your heart. The old saying, “Time heals all injuries” is true.

It’s normal to feel devastated after a breakup. You want the one who hurts you most to give you the comfort you need to get through the ups and downs. You are in love when you feel bonded to someone. Separation anxiety, and many other emotions in the first few weeks of separation, are perfectly normal.

Your maturity is demonstrated by your ability to control your emotions. It’s okay to feel like you’re in a state of total despair and want to escape into a cave. These feelings can last as long as you allow them to. You have two options: you can allow these feelings to consume your life or you can get out of it quickly. You may need to make yourself go out with friends, or date when you don’t want to. But if you do that, you’ll find you have more fun. I Promise!

It’s easy to allow your emotions to overwhelm you with technology at your fingertips. Your first instincts when it comes to dealing with heart issues are often wrong. It is important to resist the temptation to send a text message or email. You must avoid these impulses like the plague. Recognize that they are a sign of weakness. If you are unable to control your impulses, yelling at someone is an indicator of insecurity. Be patient.

Love yourself

A second important factor is to recognize that there is an entire universe.

There is a world out there waiting for you to live it. Women believe that life is more enjoyable when there are strong hands to hold and a place to rest. Relying on others to make your life happy is not a good idea. Before you can love anyone else, you must first love yourself. While you cannot control what happens in your life, you can control how your emotions, happiness, and contentment react to it. It is easy to forget that Mr. Right can only be our source of comfort and stability. The right will provide it.

If you love yourself, that’s when all the planets align in your life. You deserve someone who will wrap your heart in love. Don’t settle for less. You don’t have to be alone. This means that you are strong enough to face the challenges life throws at you and patient enough for the right man to come into your life. Without Mr. Ex or Mr., You are right.

You will always be able to handle a split in a professional manner if you are able to accept that men may have different needs, desires, and feelings. It has nothing to do w/ you. Let go and move on. Do not hold onto the past. Do yourself a favor and don’t let past mistakes hinder your ability to move on in the future.

You are the only one who will take care of you and your best interests. Be your greatest advocate. Be happy with yourself. Imagine the life that you desire. Plan to create the life you want. You must love yourself enough to have enough self-respect and self-love to accept all that life and love have to offer.

How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You

Helen Rowland once said that a man is like a cat. He will chase you and run. He will purr at your feet if you ignore him. It’s difficult for women to ignore someone because it is against our every fiber. It’s rude. Or we assume that a man will find it means if we don’t respond.

Consider how it feels to be ignored. The first thing you do is panic and worry that something has gone wrong. If you press his emotional hot buttons, that’s exactly what it will do. It breaks down his fragile ego. Don’t let him think that if you don’t answer a call or ignore a message it will stop his efforts. It is more difficult to win him over than it is to win you. In the end, however, victory is much more satisfying.

You can give Mr. Ex space and, more importantly, silence. This will allow you to transfer the feelings of abandonment, rejection, and loss that he has placed upon you back to him. It is common for men to not realize the value of what they have until it is gone. It’s your responsibility to help him see what he has lost.

As I said, Mr. Ex expects you to call him crying after a breakup, drowning in your sorrows and in a depressed state, begging him to come back. He expects the drama you create to be more entertaining than the Super Bowl half-time entertainment. He’ll begin to question himself when you do the opposite of what he expects. He says, “Wait. What happened? Why is she not calling now?

He will only begin to wonder about your actions if you are silent and unaffected. Now think about the thoughts that are going through your head. Is it possible to wonder what he is doing? Who is he doing this with? If you give him the chance, he’ll start to ask the same questions.

He will only return to you if you keep your distance from him and avoid him at all cost. But first, you must be patient and allow him to find his way back. He won’t miss you if he sees you constantly or tries to keep in touch with you.

He will not have the chance to ask why you aren’t calling. When Mr. Ex starts to imagine another man making you happy, his imagination will run wild. He will begin to believe that you have moved on and begin to wonder if he ever felt for you.

After a breakup, respond to his calls and texts. This is giving him the attention that feeds the fragile ego. You believe that giving him attention is the right thing to say. It makes you feel good and gives you his attention. Because he is still communicating with you, it makes you feel valued and wanted. It does the exact opposite for men.

It’s not appropriate to give attention to Mr. Ex after a breakup. A man will never say “I broke up last week with my girlfriend, but she’s been so sweet since then.” She texts and calls me throughout the day to tell me she loves me, and today I was surprised with a dozen red roses long stems. She offered to clean my house. She said that she thought I was making a mistake. I should give her another chance.”

However, when you are silent and allow calls to go to voicemail, he becomes interested because it seems that you are a little out of reach and more challenging. The alpha male attracts to a challenge. They can’t refuse a challenge… It’s not in their DNA.

This is when Mr. Ex states, “I don’t want to lose her, so it’d be better if I did something before another man does.”

What is the best time to respond to your ex?

You should only respond to one of the three to four attempts he makes at contact you. Do not mention the breakup or how miserable you feel. Be light-hearted and friendly and be the first to leave the conversation. Talks by phone should not last more than five minutes. Keep in mind that difficult conversations should be held face-to-face. If he isn’t planning a time for him to find out the details of your relationship, then you can go back to no contact. If he is making plans to meet you and his actions are proving that he loves you, then you can start to show interest in him again.

Don’t give too much.

You can take a step back and stop putting all your effort, time and attention into work, hobbies, and going out with others to keep you busy. Plan your week ahead. Each Sunday, plan your week by sitting down. Even if you plan to spend the week on the couch, with Netflix, or in your pajamas, it is worth it. It will be something you look forward to if you plan it.

Every day, the desire to contact him becomes less of a chore and more of an accomplishment. Continue living your normal life and show him (and yourself!) that you are independent and capable of creating a life for yourself. A man will be attracted to a woman who is in control of her emotions. Men expect you to trust them. That’s great if he does his part. But, he must prove to you that he can be relied upon. If you set high standards and raise the bar, you’ll earn his trust.

A man may take four to eight weeks to feel the loss of you and to realize that it is possible to lose you forever. It’s natural for women to want answers at the beginning of a relationship breakup. However, most men will agree that it is best to not do anything to grab their attention. To shake things up, they will tell you to stop all contact. Do exactly the opposite of what your heart desires. It is important to cut off all contact. It is important to have the space to think clearly. You can’t allow him to see the world without you and convince him that you have moved on.

How to stay on your ex mind?

It is important to keep him thinking of you. It will be the same as when you first met, and it will continue to do so now.

Give a little, then take a step back. Continue living your life as though there was no interruption. He’ll think you aren’t interested, and then he’ll be gone. Believe in yourself and know that it’s worth it. If a man abandons love so easily, he isn’t worth your time.

It keeps him curious and engaged if you keep him guessing. Men want to win. That is why they travel hundreds of miles to hunt four-legged animals in freezing temperatures. If he is a strong alpha male and values you enough, he will keep going for the long term and be delighted when you respond.

You might have shown all your cards when he ended up with you by overpowering him with your emotions. He might have been annoyed, frustrated, or interrogated by you. To make him believe that he was wrong, and to question his decision to end the relationship with you, it is best to be silent and ignore him. You can redirect all of his attention to you. At this point, there are no words that can help. It is time to change the roles that you were playing. Remember, the man who pursues you is the one that will make your relationship the happiest.

You can take a vow of silence and stop initiating communication with him. That’s when he starts to miss you, yearn for you, and wants you back in his heart.

Imagine Kate Middleton. After waiting patiently for Prince William’s proposal for many years, he split with Kate Middleton. Can you imagine her devastation? According to reports, she was distraught over her grief. She was a wreck in private, but she looked great publicly. Within one month of the breakup

She started working out and was in the best shape she had ever seen. She was a social butterfly and hosted charity events. She also enjoyed the nightlife. You can see where she went. Although you may not have professional photographers to capture your every move, social media has the power to make it happen.

How To Get Your Confidence Back Up After The Breakup

Consider the woman you admire most. She might be the one that everyone notices. She seems to hold the whole world in her hands. Both men and women are fascinated by her. People are drawn to her for more than her bone structure and physical beauty. They are more interested in her self-confidence, and how she handles herself. Men love confident women. A confident woman is more attractive to men than any other type of woman.

Is it something you were born with?

Confidence is not something that you’re born with. Although some women are born with confidence, most people have learned to be confident. You can learn to be confident and put yourself in a position to feel confident. Find a way to get it if you don’t already have it. It’s the old saying, “Fake it until you make it.” Train every day to be confident and see how people react to you.

How can you make yourself confident?

Define yourself

Your rules are yours. Be in control of your thoughts. Do not let society, men, or anyone else dictate your feelings about yourself. Find your inner voice, and establish your own standards for living. Do not let others’ beliefs or opinions affect yours. Your own rules of living, and your own standards. Your life is yours. How do you want others to view you and remember you? Take care of yourself and your family, friends, and only worry about you. You won’t think of others if you are busy taking care of yourself.

Identify your strengths and learn how to use them

What are your strengths? What are your strengths? What are your strengths? You can identify and make use of each one. Each day, remind yourself of the things that make you strong.

Dress the part

Many women don’t like getting dressed up and running to the grocery store to pick up a loaf of bread. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, consider doing it for others you may meet while running those errands. Everyone has bad hair days, but we can all take some pride in our appearances. You will feel like a mess if you make yourself look bad. Do not show up at work looking like you’re ready to go to the Laundromat (or the bar). Ask yourself before you go out each day what your appearance says about you to others. It doesn’t take you long to get dressed.

Enjoy life to the fullest

It is easy to fall into a routine, also known as a “rut”. You should try new things, explore places you might not normally visit, and do things that you wouldn’t normally do. You might have fun, meet new people and have fun.

Be positive and surround yourself with positive people and affirmations

What books and magazines do you read? What music do you listen to? What are your Twitter and Facebook feeds like? Any negatives should be replaced with positives. Remove any toxic people from your life immediately. You should only read books and articles that will enrich your life. Eliminate toxic people from your life. Your attitude can change the environment and your outlook. Every day, tell yourself:

  • I love myself.
  • I believe in me.
  • Any goal I set is possible.
  • I shine.
  • I feel great.
  • I look great.
  • Today is going to be an amazing day!

It’s a simple idea. Write it down and keep it in a drawer that you open each morning. You will believe in yourself if you repeat it to yourself. Every day, make it a habit to show the best you to all those you meet. You’ll be the woman everyone notices when you practice consistency.

Take a deep dive into the dating pool

Women make the biggest mistake of devoting all their attention to one man when he isn’t devoted to her. Although you may feel guilty about having more than one man in your life, it is not a bad thing. This is something men do all the time. They are experts at hiding it. Women want security, men want sex. Don’t give a man sex only if he is not providing security. It’s as simple as that. If a man really likes you, he will tell you that he does not want you to continue dating men.

Recognize and accept that your life is no longer the same as it was before you met Mr. Ex. You are a single woman and can choose to date any man that interests you. It’s okay to continue dating as long as you don’t sleep with every man you meet (unless you wish to), Even if Mr. Ex returns, keep your options open. This will remind him that he is not the only fish in this sea, and make you even more attractive.

It is a great way to boost your self-confidence and learn to be able to date multiple men. Because choosing the right man to spend your time with is more like choosing the right shoes for the perfect outfit. This puts you in the role of the selector, not the chaser. You don’t have to wait for one man to call you, as you now have many men to keep you busy. It changes your situation from being in need of someone to being desired by someone. No matter how much you like one of the men, keep at least three to four men in your dating pool. Keep your options open until you find the man of your dreams.

Be mysterious

A woman who is difficult to understand and a bit elusive is loved by men. Why? Because it intrigues him. After a split, being a mystery can be both attractive and challenging. You’ve been following the rules and not texting or calling, then Mr. Ex will call you eventually because “curiosity kills cats”. He will eventually want to know about your life, and even more importantly, why he isn’t calling. If he calls, please leave a voicemail. Respond to him after the third or fourth attempt. Be polite, but not too detailed. Again, be polite but not too specific if you send a text message. Do not tell him how much it’s been missing him. Be polite and leave him alone at any social event. Don’t leave him guessing and wondering where you are going.

The biggest attraction killer

Be needy if you want to see a man perform like a professional athlete and run away. A clingy, needy woman is less attractive to a man. While a man wants to feel valued and respected, he also doesn’t want to feel like his life or happiness depends on him. If you find yourself doing any of these things, you might be wasting too much time, and find ways to fill it.

Signs that you might be acting too needy

  • You want to be in constant contact with your loved one to find out where he is.
  • Attention is what you seek.
  • It is a constant worry that you will be dumped.
  • He’s always there, even if you cancel your plans to be with him.
  • He can do what he likes.
  • You make him feel guilty for not doing all you want.

A man’s attraction to you is destroyed faster than a light switch. It shouts, “Something is wrong!” A woman who allows a man walk on her like she is a treadmill is the same. Men do not find pushovers or doormats attractive. Understanding your worth and the strengths you bring to a relationship is key. Demonstrate to him that you are a woman who is strong.

To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back, First – Get Yourself In Order

This is the only way I know how to say it so, let’s just say it. It’s normal to feel like your self-confidence has been slapped to curb after a split. You will feel like you have been beaten down, no matter how beautiful you are. Although you might not feel attractive or beautiful, the universe may still tell you why you aren’t finding love. We’ve all been there. It is imperative that you get out of this place quickly!

How can you get over a broken relationship? You tell yourself every day that you have no other choice but to move on. When you take the time to improve yourself, you find social events to attend and can reach out to your friends. Take up a spin class. Learn to dance. Find a hobby and do something. If you’ve made your whole life about a relationship, it’s easy for your needs to be forgotten and your daily grind can take over. It’s difficult to keep your cool and get out of the darkest hour of a breakup. Go out, you have to! Don’t be shy about getting dressed up and hitting the streets. It’s a great way to lift your spirits. Get busy and passionate about what you do. Men will soon be chasing you down if you do this.

You have a good chance that getting back into the dating scene is not something you are thinking about. To get your life on track, you may need to immediately enter dating detox. Consider where you were emotionally when Mr. Ex first met you. You were probably at a place in your life that was open to receiving love, and willing to give it. The basic needs of a woman are affection, love, and attention. These needs are not affected by a breakup. You will eventually desire to find someone who is capable of giving you affection and attention as well as being able to meet all your needs.

Let me ask you a question. Do you love yourself? Do you feel happy? Think about this question. Take some time, two weeks or more if necessary to connect with the one who matters most…you. Men attract women who mirror themselves. The law of attraction states that likes attract likes. If you don’t love yourself or aren’t in love with yourself, it will be difficult to attract a man who loves you and likes you.

Don’t think about dating during this time. Don’t worry about Mr. Ex. Instead, focus on finding Mr. You have to understand that happiness is not dependent on any man in the world. One person may make you happy, but you must first make yourself happy. While it’s wonderful to meet someone who adds value or enhances your life, you must be able to say “I have a great lifestyle and I’m looking to share that with others and grow from that.” I can understand if that is not what you are looking for. Let me know if you need any help.

Perhaps you don’t want a relationship right away. You can make small adjustments that will improve your life and keep you busy. It’s hard to be happy and content in a short time. It is important to constantly look for ways to improve your life and to be open to love when it comes knocking. No Contact allows you to see the positives in your life and gives you space to reflect on all aspects.

Make a list of all the things you love doing that are not being done in a relationship during No Contact for the first month. You can do whatever it takes to feel amazing and beautiful. Get started with the basics.

A Mini-Makeover – You don’t need to do anything major, but you can make subtle changes in your appearance. Perhaps you want to experiment with a new style or add some highlights. You deserve a manicure and pedicure. Spa days can do wonders for girls. They help you relax, lift your spirits and make you feel great. To feel amazing, make an appointment.

What does your Wardrobe say about you? It doesn’t mean you have to wear designer labels. But if you are walking into a bookstore or anywhere else in sweats and a T-shirt, then it’s time to stop! Do your best with the resources you have. You can go on a shopping spree if you have the money. You’ll enjoy it, it will take up your time, and you’ll feel happy when you wear your new clothes. You feel better when you look good.

What is the most recent time you contacted an old friend or relative? You do remember those friends you forgot to contact when you were too busy with Mr. Ex. Send a text message at least to five friends from your contacts list. You might be able to strike up a conversation with a few of your friends and maybe even arrange for a lunch date, or dinner. It will make you feel happy, give off a great vibe, and help you maintain a positive mental attitude.

Get to the gym – It’s more important than ever to stay healthy. You’ll feel healthier and less stressed while doing it. You don’t have to go to the gym. Instead, get a friend to join you and walk around a park in your city.

Girl’s Night out – Invite a few close friends to a girls’ night out. These girls are the ones you can vent to about your feelings and not worry about them being judgmental. These girls are the ones you can trust to protect your most intimate secrets. It’s amazing how much venting your emotions can help you get through a breakup.

Make Your House Clean – Mr. Ex or Mrs. Right won’t walk into your house, see a mess and say, “This is the woman for me!” They won’t bring their friends to your house to have a good time, and they certainly won’t sleep in it. You don’t need a penthouse to make it a home. However, being organized and clean is not expensive. Take advantage of what you already have. You’ve lived in your home for one year and still haven’t packed all the boxes. Maybe you have ten loads to wash. Last but not least, make sure to remove any photos of Mr. Ex. It’s true that the old saying, “Out of sight is out of mind” is true. It’s amazing how one small thing can quickly remove sadness from your daily life. Set a date to clean up your home. Once you’re done, you will be one step closer to happiness.

Make a date with yourself to read New York Times Best Selling books The Rules:

  • Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing The Heart of Mr. Right
  • The Rules II: More Rules to Live and Love By written by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider.

Some of the rules are outdated, but you can modify them to make your own rules. These two books are used by women all over the globe as dating bibles. These books will give you the answers you need to be successful in dating and show you how to avoid making the same mistakes with your ex. You don’t have to worry, we’ve all done them. Do what you can to make yourself feel loved and cared for.

How Long Will I Have To Go Without Contacting My Ex Boyfriend?

If you are unsure how long to wait before you contact Mr. Ex, the best rule of thumb is to not contact him at all. Why? It’s because it’s a way of following him, and a man runs away from any pursuit. This rule is not something I believe in. If I had been part of the decision-making when our great, great grandmothers came up with the “Women Don’t Call Men” rule, I would have objected. I demanded that they reconsider. We all know that it takes time, and we have tested the wisdom of our friends. Since the beginning of time, we know that hunters are a common trait. Let him hunt you. Learn to enjoy being hunted. How will you ever know that he truly wants you if you are the one who contacts him? You can make a promise to yourself that you will not chase a man, even if he grabs and runs with your purse.

You might try to convince him that calling him now is okay because you have been in a long-term partnership with him. Unfortunately, this is where most women make mistakes. You must now sit back and allow him to initiate contact.

Calling Mr. Ex is a sign that you are clingy, desperate, and needy. To get a man to desire anything, he must believe it was his idea. You must get him to let go of his guard to make him believe it was his idea. Otherwise, he will run the other way.

He might be polite if you call him. You might ask him if he is available for lunch or dinner. He may be polite enough to accept your invitation, even if the girl he’s seeing is busy.

Hanna, who sent John a text message after she broke up with him unexpectedly, is a good example. She was still distraught three weeks later. She sent him a text message to let him know she was thinking about him, despite her better judgment. Hanna was thrilled when John replied. He sent Hanna another text three days later. Hanna was thrilled John was showing.

There were signs of interest once again. They saw each other again the next weekend. He continued to call as if nothing had ever happened and continued to act as if nothing ever occurred. He needed space, she believed. This was until he met the woman he was now dating, who lived far away and had a weekend off without her children. John was using two women as a way to keep him busy.

Here’s a raw excerpt from Greg Behrendt’s and AmiiraRuotola Behrendt’s book It’s Called A Breakup Because it’s Broken, It sums up the reason a man isn’t calling. If he doesn’t call you, it is because you’re not on his mind. He will set expectations and not follow through on small things. This is a sign that he is willing to disappoint you. Do not be in a relationship with someone who does not do what they promise. If he refuses to make the effort to put you at ease or bring harmony to a recurring battle, it is not respecting your feelings and needs. “Busy,” another term for “asshole”, is another name for the man you are dating. You deserve a fucking phone call.”

Men don’t need to be reminded of you. Be proud of yourself and have self-respect. Know that if he doesn’t call you, he isn’t worthy of your time. Do not allow yourself to be treated poorly. And if he doesn’t treat you as you deserve, it’s because he isn’t treating you right. It sends a message that you are insecure and needy and that you don’t have any other options. You might not have this information, but he doesn’t need it. Imagine him staring at his phone with an adoring smile that would make Joker blush. He thinks to himself, “I have this one on me.” If he is interested in you, he will not make you feel like an option.

Start immediately to improve your life. Your life should be elevated. You can’t lose your cool after a split. Knowing that you handled the situation with dignity, grace, and class will boost your confidence. And, more importantly, it will show through your actions that your self-control is a woman. It increases your worth when you can manage yourself.

If your goal is to meet Mr. Ex again, you might feel like you’re wasting your time if you decide to stop contact. Women want instantaneous contact.

It’s hard to find satisfaction and take two months out of your life for that. It’s not about a quick fix. It’s about building a long-term partnership and taking the time to understand and clarify your situation. You can find empowerment when you decide that you are able to be positive no matter what happens in life.

You naturally want that person who hurt you to be there for you and to give you the assurance that everything will be okay. You want him to stop being so foolish and fix the breakup. Unfortunately, breakups don’t work that way. However, you must understand that if a man doesn’t contribute his half to the relationship, you should make him feel lost and leave.

You can rest assured that you will be able to communicate clearly with Mr. Ex if you take the time to calm down after a breakup. You may decide that you don’t want to be with him after a few months. That’s okay.

If you think Mr. Ex is Mr. You are right and I want him back. True love is what I believe in. If you are connected to someone and feel that it is meant to be, then who am I to tell you otherwise?

You don’t have to be afraid that he will forget you if you do not contact him. The absence of contact can make the heart grow closer. You may want to resolve the problems in your relationship. If so, you need to shift your mindset and realize that you won’t be able to fix them all. Let the man do the hard work while you relax, be patient, and have some patience. It’s not easy… this is not for the weak. The weak will fail, and they will only learn from their mistakes.

If you truly felt a deep connection between you, Mr. Ex should have made contact within thirty days. It’s safe to assume that Mr. Ex has ended their relationship if he doesn’t contact you within 60 days.

If you haven’t refocused your attention on your life by the end of this timeframe, you might not be able to do so.

even notice. You aren’t dwelling on your misery. You’re busy making your life great. You’ve made a complete break, and you haven’t lost any of your pride.

If you decide that you want Mr. Ex back you must establish and maintain a new relationship. You will have a better relationship because you won’t accept anything less than the best. Women forget that they have control over the relationships in their lives. It is your right to have the man you want and never lose sight of it. If he isn’t providing you with the security, confidence and ability to lead you in the right direction, don’t give him the reins.

How to Handle a Breakup via Facebook and Twitter

Winona Ryder once stated, “Breakups can be hard for anyone, but it’s especially difficult when it’s documented and you see their picture everywhere.” “Most people don’t have this added problem when they split up with someone.” If true, Facebook and Twitter have evened the playing field.

You probably did what every girl in love does and posted sweet pictures of yourself and Mr. Ex looking happy and beautiful. You appeared to be the “it” couple. Your friends never saw you happier. The shame and embarrassment from another failed relationship now rear their ugly head.

Let’s say you aren’t happy with the split. What can you do on Facebook and Twitter to handle this?

After a split, the main question is:

“Can I remove him from my friend list?”

You can delete him, that’s the answer. It is easy to see why. A man must love you in order to desire you. If he only sees you in tweets or posts every day, he can’t experience real life without you. He won’t feel the need for you to call him if he can just log on to his computer and find out what’s happening, how you feel, and where you are going. He won’t feel the need to pick up the phone to find out if you take away his incentive.

The second question is:

“How can I deal with my six hundred fifty-eight friends, followers, and family right during a breakup?”

It’s easy to see it as this: You and Mr. Ex are currently the only people who know that you are going through a divorce. You’ll need to rely on a few close friends for the emotional support that you need. She quietly deletes any photos, especially profile pictures with Mr. Ex. She can also move them to an album with privacy settings that are private. Do not remain in a dream relationship. Move on and delete.

Public announcements are not necessary or required. You can also phase him out, just as you did with him. Friends and family can simply smile when you bring up the topic. Everyone has been through a breakup, and they will understand. They will have a lot of respect for your decision to take the high road and not criticize Mr. Ex.

Take a look at the things you have posted in the past. Are you posting pictures of your family, great food, or favorite restaurants? Keep posting the same way you did in the last few months or weeks. You don’t have to post anything if you have never done so before.

It will only attract attention if you start to tweet or post every detail of your life in order to show the world how happy and fulfilled you are. This charade is easily seen by the public. If you begin tweeting or posting veiled innuendos directed towards Mr. Ex, the same applies. Although it’s tempting to post a lot to show your emotions, your friends will be uncomfortable and likely to block you.

Do not criticize Mr. Ex to six-hundred-fifty-eight of your friends. Your friends may not agree with your view of him just because he isn’t the Knight in Shining Armor you once thought him to be. You may have common friends if you were together for a long time. He will hear that you have either insulted his name or spoken complimentary words. The first option will confirm that he was in your best interests.

Your first instinct would be to change your relationship status to “In a Relationship.”

It will change it to “Single”. Don’t rush. Instead, wait at most three days before you make any changes. To avoid it being posted to your newsfeed, set your settings to private.

For two weeks, you can be completely silent if you want Mr. Ex to notice. Gradually, start sharing pictures of yourself and your friends looking amazing. Don’t overdo it. Let him know that you aren’t an emotional wreck and that you can continue on without him. Your mutual friends will spread the word.

After a breakup, I have heard of women who delete their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Excuse me… Are you trying to let the world know, Mr. Ex, that you are handling a breakup through hiding? It makes you feel sad, lonely, and pathetic. It conveys that you are unable to handle a breakup. Remember that a breakup is not a complete breakup in the grand overall design. It is the end of one chapter before it begins.

Be positive that a breakup doesn’t mean you are going to be broken. There is no other option than to continue on your journey and become even more incredible. You send the message that you are having trouble with social media by deleting your account. For the sake of doing nothing, you should not log in for a while. Remember that the world will only see what you post for them to see.

You are a class act when you remain calm, cool, and collected at the end of each day.

Get Him Back After Acting Batsh*t Crazy

While there have been many news headlines that caught my attention over time, one that will stay with me forever is Lisa Nowak, the former astronaut from NASA. Not as a notorious female astronaut with a kick, but as the woman who drove more than 900 miles wearing an adult diaper to avoid stopping for toilet breaks on her way to kidnap ex-boyfriends and a new girlfriend. What the hell? Do you suppose she was expecting a reconciliation?

Stop plotting your revenge any way you can. You must face the hard facts of reality. It doesn’t really mean forever. Every day brings new challenges to relationships. It’s also true that when one door closes it opens up to another.

You will never be happy or get closure if you break up. You must accept the fact that unless you end the breakup on your terms, any future breakups will be painful and heartbreaking.

Grace Kelly was a dignified woman. I have seen Grace Kelly’s women lose their love for men. The girl who won’t give up or let go is probably you. You probably have at least one friend who has lost her mind after a breakup. Perhaps you were that girl. All of us have had our pathetic moments.

Let me start by describing the lengths that the most responsible women will go to to get attention after a breakup. You should not do anything unusual if you notice yourself.

It is possible to recall the expression, “Idle hands make the devil’s workshop” as a saying. This applies even if you obsess about Mr. Ex. To avoid allowing your emotions to take over your logic and make you do anything dangerous, keep your mind and body busy. Consider the future. What will Mr. Ex say about you as he eats dinner with his friends? Are you the crazy girl who won’t leave? Or will you regret losing him?

Let’s take a look at some of these drastic actions women will take after a breakup to attract attention. You can promise yourself that you won’t be “that” girl.

You send endless texts messages

You want your ex to feel the same way and understand how much you are in pain. He should know that you love him unconditionally and understand how much you hurt. This information will make him feel that he will return to you if you tell him. But you’re wrong! You’re only sending Mr. Ex a message that you’re going a little crazy. He’s consuming it all. He is staring at his phone as it explodes and thinks, “I can’t believe she’s falling apart like that.” You are feeding his super-sized ego. It’s a known fact that men and women live within three feet of their mobile phones. He got your message! It is a good rule of thumb to remember that if you receive no reply to a text message, then you should not send another one. Ask yourself the question, “What good does a text message do anyway?” Real relationships demand face-to-face interactions during conflicts. Text messages are not for teenagers.

The Accidental Text

The Accidental Text. He did not accidentally send a text message to him, but he later claimed it was for his best friends-brother and sisters-cousins. Nothing. Silence.

Repeated calls

You should let Mr. Ex know before you call him. He will give you the option to ignore his calls. You’ll likely let your emotions run wild if he answers the phone. Trust me, it won’t be productive or good for you to have a heated conversation. You are more likely to make mistakes when you’re feeling emotional stress. Mr. Ex won’t have anything to offer that will give you the closure you seek. It’s going to tear your heart out again if he doesn’t return your calls. Do not call him by mistake. You can’t dial his number.

Pleading/begging Mr. Ex for your return

Would you want to be with a man who cried, begged, and pleaded for your love? It wasn’t my idea. He would be seen as desperate and pathetic. If you don’t invite him to your home, you are portraying him as desperate and pathetic. Remember to think long-term, not just about short-term satisfaction. You want to be the woman he dreams of and I can tell you that the woman he dreams of isn’t one who is chaotic.

Calling, blocking, and then hanging up

Mr. Ex knows that you are calling. It’s not your fault! You should not attempt to contact him. It is creepy and falls under harassment.

Driving by his house

Driving by his house is not allowed unless you live next to him. This falls under stalker/harassing behavior. This is a big turnoff for most people and illegal.

Going to places where you are certain he will be

You can’t do anything if you don’t work together, but you should avoid him at all costs. You should not be frequenting the same places. Find another one. You need to be sparse right now. The same applies if you have children. You should deal with the issue in a calm and mature manner.

Sending emails

No desperately seeking closure emails. No “Hi, How are you?” No sending him an email wishing him a Happy Christmas, Happy New Year, or Happy Birthday. You won’t hear a peep.

Let him know that you are falling apart

If a woman confesses that she can’t live without him, he won’t give her back. You won’t be the exception to this “desperation” cry. Be proud and realize that a woman who is independent, self-sufficient, and attractive to men is one who is attractive.

Cursing and telling him that he won’t find anyone better

It’s not pretty. He’ll try to find someone better if you do this. You’re just showing your arse. Think long-term. Remember what made him fall for you and be that woman.


This one is hard and requires a lot of self-control. Why? It’s right there… at your manicured fingertips! It doesn’t matter what your ex does. Ask yourself if it is really worth knowing about the new girls he follows and his friends. This will only make things worse and drive you crazy. Block him. You can delete him. You can do whatever you want, but don’t get too obsessed with his social media activity.

Dealing with family and friends

Even if you have the same friends, it is okay to remain close friends. Just remember that they are also your friends. Talk to them briefly and then move on. Don’t slander Mr. Ex. You should not even mention his name. If they mention him in conversation, you should only respond with something positive about him. Don’t let your emotions get out of control. You shouldn’t let this breakup bring you down. Give a show that Glenn Close would envy.

Attempting to make Mr. Ex jealous

Mr. Ex will see any attempts to make him jealous as the desperate-attention-seeking methods they truly are. This isn’t the right time and he won’t find it appealing. Do not try to get him off your back. Instead, enjoy your life and move on. Do not pretend to have a full life, you actually live a full one.

Social Media Sites are not the place to be desperate

Take a look at the content you have posted during the two previous months before the breakup. Those are the posts you should keep posting. You don’t need to post anything unusual that could make you seem desperate for attention. Keep it simple and post what you would normally do. You should not post sad or depressing messages of love. Friends don’t want you to feel depressed on social networking sites. Do not check in to every nightclub. Keep being the kind of woman he fell for. You will look terrible if you try to grab his attention at this time.

There is no ex-sex

Everyone would be happily married if sex was the glue that held relationships together. He didn’t break up with you because of sex, and sex did not keep him close to you. Sex isn’t going to make him return to you. It doesn’t matter how sad he is or how many times he says he misses your company. Monogamy is the only way to have sex. It’s safe for you to assume that he has ended their monogamous relationship. He must prove his love to you in order to have sex again.

Imagine how he will be annoyed by you constantly calling and texting him, or even accidentally bumping into you. He’ll be mortified and will mentally label you ‘crazy.

A friendly, harmless text message to Mr. Ex to remind him that you are still out there in the world may be a good idea. It might even bring back all those warm fuzzy feelings you shared. I can assure you, Mr. Ex knows exactly where you are and how you got there. You don’t need to remind him. And if he does, what do you want?

There is nothing that can keep a man from his woman of love. You have the same communication channels as him. He still has your phone number. You shouldn’t believe that sending him a useless text message will make him run in your direction.

It is possible that you are still looking for Mr. Ex even though the relationship ended. In an effort to save the relationship, you may seek closure. This is very common after the breakup. Mr. Ex may have begun to withdraw emotionally. It’s possible that he stopped initiating calls and texts, or stopped planning ahead. You may have accidentally shifted to the pursuer mode when this happens. It can be quite annoying.

It is possible that you began chasing him after he stopped giving you the attention you wanted. You may be calling, texting, or emailing him to make arrangements for a date night or to just see him. Modern society often forgets that it is a man’s responsibility to do all he can to make us happy. It’s not the other way around. A man who loves you will want to be with you. He’ll know when to call and plan dinner dates.

This list could go on. Every action you take is viewed as desperation or neediness and will be used to massage his ego. The moment you compromise for the sake of massaging another man’s ego it’s over.

Your job is to demonstrate that you can live without him. You might be amazed at how quickly he will come looking for you if you show him that you don’t depend on him. Make sure you leave with dignity, class, and pride intact.

Why Cutting Your Ex Off Is A Good Idea

Oxytocin is a hormone that can bond you with your man when you have an intimate sexual relationship. You become obsessed with that man because it takes control of your emotions. He becomes your best friend. This is why many women feel completely lost after a breakup. They believe they will never find a man like Mr. Ex. But it’s actually the hormone oxytocin. Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that Mr. Ex is your only man. You can have sex with any man who has a pulse or a penis. This is why it’s important to be selective about who you have sex with.

Don’t have sex after a breakup with your ex until he has proven his love for and shown it.

It doesn’t matter how difficult you tried to make a new relationship work, it won’t be easy to end a relationship. He will soon become bored and take you for granted. He may even consider you a toy. Men only marry women they love and cherish. Respect is the key ingredient that makes a man go out to buy the ring. He won’t be attracted to a woman who is easily seduced or a girl who gives up everything for him. If he doesn’t respect you as an individual woman, you should cut your losses immediately.

Understanding that Mr. Ex may want to have a sleepover with you doesn’t mean he is in love with you, or even considering a future with your partner. It does not necessarily mean that he wants to reconcile with you.

A man can love a woman when he is in love

He will put your feelings before his own. He will care about you and your family. He will be there for you whenever something wonderful happens in your life. He will not want to cause you any pain. To see you hurt would cause him pain. Because you feel it, you will know that a man values and respects you. His actions will prove that he is a man of love.

Because he communicates with you via email, text messages, phone calls, lunch dates, and other means, you’ll never doubt if he is thinking about you. Because you won’t doubt his motives, you will never doubt if he is looking out for your best interests.

It was best described by Steve Harvey in his book Think Like a Man, where he explained how a man thinks when it comes to love for the woman he has committed to. These are the three “P”s that make up a man’s DNA. Profess. Protect. Protect. Protect. He will introduce you to his girlfriend, wife, or significant other. To ensure that you are safe and secure, a man will protect you. Last but not the least, a man who loves and cares about you will always protect you to make sure that you are safe from any harm.

A little conflict is nothing to be afraid of

Arguments and differences not only test relationships but can also reveal how strong they are. If he refuses to have a difficult conversation with you in order to resolve conflicts, then cut him off. A man who is strong and not prone to falling apart at the first sign that trouble is coming can be a great choice. Two people must be willing to admit their mistakes or wrongs and have a good relationship.

You should take a step back from a man who has broken up with you or disappeared for more than a week. If he says he needs to think about his feelings or the worst, and he doesn’t give an explanation, you should cut him off. He must place you in a different group than the other women in his rotation to take you seriously. He must know that you will kick him out of his chair at the first sign of disrespect.

(I’m not talking here about the guy who went out with you a few times but never called you back. The man with whom you had a genuine relationship. This is the man with whom you hoped to spend the rest of your life.

Let’s suppose a man said to you that he needed some time to process his emotions. You can turn the tables on him. It will be several weeks until he comes back to you, if ever. Men are taught to make a call.

The smart girl won’t allow him to go silent if you have been in intimate contact with him. There is no excuse. These men are aware of their mistakes. Tell him that you expect men to be in your life. If he refuses to do that, show him the door and open it wide enough for him to walk through. You’ll be admired by him for this, and you can also protect your heart. It’s a win-win situation.

Tell him from the beginning that he has ended the relationship. You don’t want a man who treats your life as a cycle. You’ll gain his respect if you are firm and honest. When you earn respect from a man, you’ll keep him where he belongs: wrapped around your finger.

Remember that “a monkey knows which trees he can climb”! It is a guarantee that if you ignore the man’s obvious disrespect, it will continue. It doesn’t matter if you tell him he must work for you. But don’t make it difficult for him. Keep moving forward in your life, without letting up.

Men appreciate only what they work hard for. It is possible that you have been too accommodating and available. It’s easy to believe that this is what men want, but they really need a challenge. Men want a challenge.

No pass, no play

What is more important than a man’s physical appearance or his wealth is his attitude towards you. A little bit of testing is the best way to find out if he’s right for you to give your heart to him. This takes place over time, and before you even go to bed with him. You can tell in advance that he isn’t passing your tests and you should keep your options open. Then, throw him out of the dating pool.

Pay attention to how a man treats and cares for your needs, as well as how he protects them. This does not mean that he will protect you from intruders. (But should this happen, he’d be there to help you. Is he able to check that your tires are fully inflated before you go on an out-of-town trip? Is he ensuring you aren’t being taken advantage of when buying a car? Is he able to make sure that you have all the necessary items to complete your task? Is he able to remember holidays, birthdays and plan romantic meals for Valentine’s? Is he a good listener? Is he able to follow through on what he promises? Is he available to answer the phone when he says? Is he concerned about your safety in bad weather? Are you proud of him? Is he proud to show off your talents? Do you get to meet his family and friends? Are you satisfied with the little things he does? Do you feel safe and secure in his arms? A man who cares about you emotionally will never cause you any harm.

If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to ask yourself why this man is staying with you. What is the point of dating someone who doesn’t enhance your already wonderful life?

If you are lucky enough to find a man who is kind and caring, this man should be your grand prize winner. You should not be able to cry from the eyes of a man.

Make sure that he passes your tests before you give your heart back. You must ensure that his actions prove his love for you, not his words.

Learn when to cut the strings

  • Do not settle for a one-sided relationship. This is unhealthy and can make your happiness feel like a rollercoaster ride of highs, lows, and ups. You deserve better!
  • Men will often test you, just like little children. Respect will be earned by standing firm, being true to your convictions, and knowing when kindness is taken for granted.
  • It is important to constantly assess your relationship and determine if it is getting you what you need. Recognize your needs. Are you in need of more affection? Attention! Security? Security? Do you want more sex? You won’t be content if you don’t get what you want. If he isn’t responding to your needs, it’s time for you to move on. Do not settle for a man who isn’t meeting your every need.

Are you being pushed along by him?

Some men don’t know what they want. If this is the case, you should not be in his life to resolve any unresolved problems. Don’t let another woman waste your time.

Don’t let him drag you along. Only he can make the changes that are needed in his life. If you cut him off completely, he will either make the changes or not. Accept that he won’t do what you asked and thank him for not wasting your time.

Some men don’t deserve another chance, even if you have given them twenty. Accept that you are worthy of the best and refuse to settle for less. It’s a good time to let Mr. Ex know that you are serious and want him to call you when he has figured out his life. You won’t have to wait for him. Next, let your actions speak louder than any words and then go silent. You can repeat this saying to yourself every day: “Men are like trains. One comes by every five minutes.”

It is important to realize that you will never be able to move on in your love life if you keep in touch with Mr. Ex. Only by being emotionally detached from Mr. Ex, can you truly be open to love and available for him. That’s right. Right. Mr. Right is the man who will satisfy your emotional and physical needs without you asking. Your basic needs may not change overnight because of a shift in your relationship status. You can emotionally heal yourself from the inside by following the No Contact Rule. This will allow you to be emotionally ready for Mr. You are right.

You will only be in love with Mr. Ex if you keep him around. It’s natural to desire something you don’t have. He may hurt you more if you keep him around. You must be able to see that two people have different needs. Also, you should be mature enough to understand that it won’t work out. You will need to keep in touch with him for longer periods before you can move on. You can’t control your feelings. Know your mind enough to recognize when you aren’t thinking logically. You can’t make clear, solid decisions if you think with your heart instead of your mind.

Jackie Mason stated, “Eighty percent” of American married men cheat in America. The rest cheat in Europe,” and Mr. Ex may be living in America. You may be able to feed him with a silver spoon, but he might just be selfish. You should never compete with him for his affections. When you compete you demean yourself. It sends a clear message of despair and desperation. Two women may be able to provide for his different needs. No matter how close you may be, you will never be able to make him happy. Find someone who will fulfill your mission and keep you satisfied. Move on if you love yourself enough. Forever keep him on your ex-list.

Intuition…a girl’s best friend

This inexplicable feeling that tells you “Something’s not right here.” It has been called a whisper from God. It’s your friend. Listen to it. Kim Basinger stated that “I feel there are two people in me – me, and my intuition.” If I try to go against her, she will screw me every single time. But if I follow my intuition, we get along very well.

A woman’s intuition is stronger than any other power. Many women mistake intuition for insecurity. Particularly when it comes to matters that are heartfelt. You need to trust your intuition most at this time. You can trust your intuition to tell you if you feel insecure. You may feel that a man is cheating, lying or just plain not caring about your best interests. No matter what the cause, it is important to determine the root cause.

After a breakup, it is inevitable that you will feel lonely. You could be allowing him to fill in the void that you feel by continuing to communicate with him. It’s impossible to fully trust Mr. If you are in constant limbo, it’s not possible to move on completely to Mr.

It’s like walking on broken glass if you don’t know where you stand in any relationship. By the way, asking where you stand in any relationship is like walking on glass. It’s a red flag that you don’t have a relationship. You will never doubt where a man’s heart is if he loves you. He will not doubt your love. He will never place doubt in your mind. You will feel the love he has for and you will actually feel it.

Keep in touch with your ex-partner even after a split will make you loyal. This can be a difficult one for women to overcome. Do not make the error of refusing dates to feel like you belong with a man who has made a decision not to be in your life. Wake up! Do not think Mr. Ex is at home on Saturday night feeling sorry for him. You can bet that he was looking through his contacts to find your replacement after the breakup. Make yourself available for Mr. Right now, Mr. Ex. is not available to you

You may have taken yourself off the market during your relationship and made yourself unattractive to any potential men who were interested in you. You may stop giving eligible bachelors a chance if Mr. Ex is still in your life.

You can decide that you won’t let a breakup ruin you. It is up to you to let it get messy or take it all in stride. You can both start with No Contact. It gives you the space and time you need to think clearly and gather your thoughts. You can both learn to control your emotions and communicate calmly with one another. It will take time to regain your calm. The best way to physically and emotionally distance yourself from your ex is through No Contact. You can heal your heart by cutting the ties that bind. If you wait for your old relationship to heal, it will never heal. It will be impossible to find a better, more fulfilling love. Accept the fact that it may not be what you want, but it might be. You won’t wait for love to knock on your door, but you can accept that it will. Sometimes, you just have to let love in.

What Do Men Expect After A Breakup?

A man who has broken up with you expects only one thing. You to break down. He is waiting for you to cry, to beg him to change his mind and to act irrationally and make humiliating scenes. He will secretly wait for you to text or call him at night, sobbing, begging, and pleading with you that you cannot live without him.

Steal his thunder

He is unnerved if you are calm, cool, and collected. He immediately asks himself “Where is she?” When you are out of his sight, he wants to know that you love him. It doesn’t matter if he split up with you, he may be less interested than he thought. This is when you will be back on his radar.

It’s like “Hide-and go-seek,” where one player hides and the other seeks. The hider may appear to have stopped looking for the seeker for a long time, but eventually, the hider will come out of hiding and begin to search for him.

A man takes at least three weeks before he realizes you aren’t actively looking for him out. He’ll be wondering where you are after four weeks. He’ll likely act like a high school student, wondering where you are and what you’re doing. You should contact him if he doesn’t get back to you in eight weeks. Do not give up on him. It shouldn’t consume you. Be amazed and keep moving.

Breakup power

Mr. Ex sees you sitting on your couch, crying into a pillow, covered in damp crumpled tissues, and drowning in Bluebell Rocky Road. Knowing that you are suffering makes his ego grow larger. It’s like a quick jab at his pride when he hears that you are having fun with your best friends and that you’re not being affected by the breakup.

What it says about him and how he ended up together

Matt LeBlanc once stated, “Why should you have to end up with her?” Be a man. “Just stop calling.” However, how a man ties his knots is very important. It is a sign of his character. Remember, the best test you can give to a man is how he treats you when you are not watching.

Face to face

He is a man of character. He is a rare man in today’s high-tech world. He was mature enough to speak with you. He was kind enough to let you know that he loved you and ended the relationship. While you won’t be able to appreciate this gem for a while you will eventually respect him for his courage and willingness to talk to you about your feelings. In today’s world where men are reduced to being boys through texting and email, a man like this is something to be proud of.


This behavior is acceptable only in a long-distance relationship. If he doesn’t like the look on your face, it is a sign he cannot handle the distance. He doesn’t have to face you to end the relationship.

Text or email

This is cold, immature, and heartless. (There are a few other words that come to my mind. It suggests he is a coward who can’t face the truth. He is incapable of handling difficult conversations. He doesn’t seem to care. This one was a lucky escape. Do not walk. Instead, run as far as you can from him.

The Man Who Disappears

The Houdini who vanished without a trace follows the path of least resistance. He doesn’t feel the need for explanations. Many men will keep you hanging to make it possible for them to have another date. It’s okay if you have only been out on a few dates. It doesn’t mean you have a relationship. If you have been in a relationship for less than three to six months, it is likely that he doesn’t know how to tell you that you are not right for him. He can’t deal with tears… it’s too much. He is not capable of having difficult conversations. He doesn’t have an excuse so don’t wait for one. He doesn’t care about your feelings. He probably has other things. This guy is not worthy to be your water. Give him no second thoughts. Make another date before the sun sets tonight.

Men who are constantly changing their minds about your life, leaving you open to new possibilities, are just wasting your time. He will only want you when it is convenient for him. He can do it once. You can expect him to do it again. You can expect a third, fourth and fifth call if he doesn’t text or calls you back. Stop allowing disrespectful or bad behavior to continue. You can expect more from yourself when you do. You get more.

You don’t need to waste your time looking for closure. He already gave it to you. Although you may feel that you need to have a conversation with him in order to get closure, the truth is that a man who leaves you without saying a word and leaves you confused and without any clue speaks volumes about his character. This reflects that he doesn’t have any. This should give you all the closure that you need. The bond you shared was so strong that it didn’t seem right to say goodbye.

If a man treats your life as a revolving door, he is only trying to keep you on his side. Do you believe that a man will make you do anything he wants? He’s not. He wants you to be on a rotation. Do not allow him to place you in a stalemate. You can find a better man who will love you, spoil you, and give you the emotional and physical support that you need. Do not text him. Do not call him. Forget him. Change his name to Mr. Ex.

The Cheater

Kim Cattrall once stated, “Men cheat because dogs lick their feet…because they can.” Let’s face the truth… It’s simple. It’s not that I am justifying it for them. It’s not that I agree with it, and it’s not that it is wrong to do so. But men cheat because they are able. Because there are so many women out there who don’t have any standards or requirements and are willing to accommodate them.

People often say, “Forgive and forget.” But if you don’t remember how to forgive, then how can you ever forget? You may be struggling to decide whether you want to stay with him or let him go. What kind of affair was it and how did you find out? Did it just happen once and he was so remorseful that he had to confess? Did you get ripped off? Was it a full-fledged affair that lasted for months, if not years? To figure out the truth, did you need to become a female Sherlock Holmes? Did there have to be premeditated sex before it happened? Are there vacations? Are they taking her on business trips to entertain clients or spend time with her family?

It is easiest to forgive a one-time affair. While I don’t mean to suggest that this is okay, women will be more open to allowing it. Men are weak. He made a mistake. It didn’t matter if it was the second type. That’s what’s known as an affair. If you are wondering if it is okay to forgive an affair of this nature, you might be better off asking “Why in hell would you?”

This man is a master manipulator and will make you believe a lie for many months, years, or even longer. He let his other woman believe the exact same. You might be wise to find a man smart enough not to cheat, even if it is true that “all men cheat”.

You don’t have to blame him, you don’t have to take responsibility for his actions, and you don’t have to feel guilty about what you did. The problem is in him. A relationship is made up of two people and not three. It’s not fair that a third party is invited to a relationship where there are only two of them. It shouldn’t make you feel ashamed, hurt, or filled with insecurity. He should have contacted you sooner than he did with another woman if there was a problem. Nine out of ten men cheat with women who aren’t as good as his home. You can do the opposite and just let him have her. She’s not as good as you. Do not compare yourself and be jealous. She is getting a man who’s unfaithful and a liar, and she’s cheating. You can rest easy knowing she is next to you every night.

Steve Harvey best said this in his book Act Like a Lady. Think Like a Man. What Men Really Think about Love, Relationships and Commitment. said that women can think over the situation and find all sorts of weaknesses in themselves. Women need to let go of the guilt that a cheating husband may have caused by their actions. It can paralyze you, and it can keep you from performing well in the next encounter. If you are focused on the rearview mirror, it is impossible to drive forward.

Give your heart some time to catch up to your brain

If you are still having difficulty deciding whether to keep or go after having an affair, it is possible that you still love him even though your brain hasn’t caught up to your heart. You can’t have contact with someone you don’t want to be in a relationship with. When you consider how disrespectful the man treated you, you will soon feel nauseated from feelings of love. Don’t let him go.

Why you shouldn’t be “just friends”

Sarah Dessen’s book This Lullaby best describes why friends can’t stay friends. She wrote: “Because it can never go from being friends to going out, just like that.” It is a lie. It’s something people will say to get rid of the permanence of a breakup. It’s a common mistake to take it to mean something other than it is. Then, it hurts, even more, when the ‘friendly’ relationship is still a significant step down from the former relationship. But messier.”

What do you do if a man calls and says, “Let’s be best friends”. You smile and respond with “Sure we can”. The next time he calls or texts, you will choose to ignore him. If he asks for your help, you can simply say “no thanks.”

The “we can be best friends” line he uses during a breakup is not for his own good. It’s just a way to feed his ego. He feels less like a man because of it. He feels guilty about breaking up and believes that by offering his friendship, he is being a great man. It’s an easy way out. Do not get mad at him for suggesting this. Smile and say “Of course we can”, then excuse yourself. His radar will be wiped clean. Another reason Mr. Ex wants you to be “just friends” is that he isn’t sure if he really wants you to go. He isn’t sure if you are worth his time and wants to explore all options. He wants you to remain “just friends” so that you can be there in case any other women, or men on his ‘to-do list, fail to come through. Find a man who is willing to be your best friend, lover, and confidante. Move quickly past Mr. Ex in a friendly manner.