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In his new, 44 page eBook, I reveal that the secret ingredient for finding lasting love is understanding commitment. Too often, men and women find themselves in half-committed, Maybe I Do, relationships that lead to frustration, sadness, and, in many cases, divorce. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

  • How To Love Each Other More (Without Pushing Each Other Away)
  • When the Passion Begins to Fade
  • Reigniting the Fire and Passion
  • Where Are You in the Love Cycle?
  • What Cycle Are You In and How Do You Feel?
  • What is True Love?
  • True Love In Real Life
  • In True Love, You Will Encounter Drama
  • Defining Boundaries In Your Relationship
  • What is the Grey Zone?
  • What To Do When Boundaries Are Crossed
  • You Have to Love the “Whole Package”
  • People Have Differences That You Need to Understand
  • Differences Aren’t Always Flaws That Need to Be Changed
  • Learn the Importance of Acceptance
  • You Loved Them Initially for Everything, Not Just Parts of Them


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