How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You

Helen Rowland once said that a man is like a cat. He will chase you and run. He will purr at your feet if you ignore him. It’s difficult for women to ignore someone because it is against our every fiber. It’s rude. Or we assume that a man will find it means if we don’t respond.

Consider how it feels to be ignored. The first thing you do is panic and worry that something has gone wrong. If you press his emotional hot buttons, that’s exactly what it will do. It breaks down his fragile ego. Don’t let him think that if you don’t answer a call or ignore a message it will stop his efforts. It is more difficult to win him over than it is to win you. In the end, however, victory is much more satisfying.

You can give Mr. Ex space and, more importantly, silence. This will allow you to transfer the feelings of abandonment, rejection, and loss that he has placed upon you back to him. It is common for men to not realize the value of what they have until it is gone. It’s your responsibility to help him see what he has lost.

As I said, Mr. Ex expects you to call him crying after a breakup, drowning in your sorrows and in a depressed state, begging him to come back. He expects the drama you create to be more entertaining than the Super Bowl half-time entertainment. He’ll begin to question himself when you do the opposite of what he expects. He says, “Wait. What happened? Why is she not calling now?

He will only begin to wonder about your actions if you are silent and unaffected. Now think about the thoughts that are going through your head. Is it possible to wonder what he is doing? Who is he doing this with? If you give him the chance, he’ll start to ask the same questions.

He will only return to you if you keep your distance from him and avoid him at all cost. But first, you must be patient and allow him to find his way back. He won’t miss you if he sees you constantly or tries to keep in touch with you.

He will not have the chance to ask why you aren’t calling. When Mr. Ex starts to imagine another man making you happy, his imagination will run wild. He will begin to believe that you have moved on and begin to wonder if he ever felt for you.

After a breakup, respond to his calls and texts. This is giving him the attention that feeds the fragile ego. You believe that giving him attention is the right thing to say. It makes you feel good and gives you his attention. Because he is still communicating with you, it makes you feel valued and wanted. It does the exact opposite for men.

It’s not appropriate to give attention to Mr. Ex after a breakup. A man will never say “I broke up last week with my girlfriend, but she’s been so sweet since then.” She texts and calls me throughout the day to tell me she loves me, and today I was surprised with a dozen red roses long stems. She offered to clean my house. She said that she thought I was making a mistake. I should give her another chance.”

However, when you are silent and allow calls to go to voicemail, he becomes interested because it seems that you are a little out of reach and more challenging. The alpha male attracts to a challenge. They can’t refuse a challenge… It’s not in their DNA.

This is when Mr. Ex states, “I don’t want to lose her, so it’d be better if I did something before another man does.”

What is the best time to respond to your ex?

You should only respond to one of the three to four attempts he makes at contact you. Do not mention the breakup or how miserable you feel. Be light-hearted and friendly and be the first to leave the conversation. Talks by phone should not last more than five minutes. Keep in mind that difficult conversations should be held face-to-face. If he isn’t planning a time for him to find out the details of your relationship, then you can go back to no contact. If he is making plans to meet you and his actions are proving that he loves you, then you can start to show interest in him again.

Don’t give too much.

You can take a step back and stop putting all your effort, time and attention into work, hobbies, and going out with others to keep you busy. Plan your week ahead. Each Sunday, plan your week by sitting down. Even if you plan to spend the week on the couch, with Netflix, or in your pajamas, it is worth it. It will be something you look forward to if you plan it.

Every day, the desire to contact him becomes less of a chore and more of an accomplishment. Continue living your normal life and show him (and yourself!) that you are independent and capable of creating a life for yourself. A man will be attracted to a woman who is in control of her emotions. Men expect you to trust them. That’s great if he does his part. But, he must prove to you that he can be relied upon. If you set high standards and raise the bar, you’ll earn his trust.

A man may take four to eight weeks to feel the loss of you and to realize that it is possible to lose you forever. It’s natural for women to want answers at the beginning of a relationship breakup. However, most men will agree that it is best to not do anything to grab their attention. To shake things up, they will tell you to stop all contact. Do exactly the opposite of what your heart desires. It is important to cut off all contact. It is important to have the space to think clearly. You can’t allow him to see the world without you and convince him that you have moved on.

How to stay on your ex mind?

It is important to keep him thinking of you. It will be the same as when you first met, and it will continue to do so now.

Give a little, then take a step back. Continue living your life as though there was no interruption. He’ll think you aren’t interested, and then he’ll be gone. Believe in yourself and know that it’s worth it. If a man abandons love so easily, he isn’t worth your time.

It keeps him curious and engaged if you keep him guessing. Men want to win. That is why they travel hundreds of miles to hunt four-legged animals in freezing temperatures. If he is a strong alpha male and values you enough, he will keep going for the long term and be delighted when you respond.

You might have shown all your cards when he ended up with you by overpowering him with your emotions. He might have been annoyed, frustrated, or interrogated by you. To make him believe that he was wrong, and to question his decision to end the relationship with you, it is best to be silent and ignore him. You can redirect all of his attention to you. At this point, there are no words that can help. It is time to change the roles that you were playing. Remember, the man who pursues you is the one that will make your relationship the happiest.

You can take a vow of silence and stop initiating communication with him. That’s when he starts to miss you, yearn for you, and wants you back in his heart.

Imagine Kate Middleton. After waiting patiently for Prince William’s proposal for many years, he split with Kate Middleton. Can you imagine her devastation? According to reports, she was distraught over her grief. She was a wreck in private, but she looked great publicly. Within one month of the breakup

She started working out and was in the best shape she had ever seen. She was a social butterfly and hosted charity events. She also enjoyed the nightlife. You can see where she went. Although you may not have professional photographers to capture your every move, social media has the power to make it happen.