How to Handle a Breakup via Facebook and Twitter

Winona Ryder once stated, “Breakups can be hard for anyone, but it’s especially difficult when it’s documented and you see their picture everywhere.” “Most people don’t have this added problem when they split up with someone.” If true, Facebook and Twitter have evened the playing field.

You probably did what every girl in love does and posted sweet pictures of yourself and Mr. Ex looking happy and beautiful. You appeared to be the “it” couple. Your friends never saw you happier. The shame and embarrassment from another failed relationship now rear their ugly head.

Let’s say you aren’t happy with the split. What can you do on Facebook and Twitter to handle this?

After a split, the main question is:

“Can I remove him from my friend list?”

You can delete him, that’s the answer. It is easy to see why. A man must love you in order to desire you. If he only sees you in tweets or posts every day, he can’t experience real life without you. He won’t feel the need for you to call him if he can just log on to his computer and find out what’s happening, how you feel, and where you are going. He won’t feel the need to pick up the phone to find out if you take away his incentive.

The second question is:

“How can I deal with my six hundred fifty-eight friends, followers, and family right during a breakup?”

It’s easy to see it as this: You and Mr. Ex are currently the only people who know that you are going through a divorce. You’ll need to rely on a few close friends for the emotional support that you need. She quietly deletes any photos, especially profile pictures with Mr. Ex. She can also move them to an album with privacy settings that are private. Do not remain in a dream relationship. Move on and delete.

Public announcements are not necessary or required. You can also phase him out, just as you did with him. Friends and family can simply smile when you bring up the topic. Everyone has been through a breakup, and they will understand. They will have a lot of respect for your decision to take the high road and not criticize Mr. Ex.

Take a look at the things you have posted in the past. Are you posting pictures of your family, great food, or favorite restaurants? Keep posting the same way you did in the last few months or weeks. You don’t have to post anything if you have never done so before.

It will only attract attention if you start to tweet or post every detail of your life in order to show the world how happy and fulfilled you are. This charade is easily seen by the public. If you begin tweeting or posting veiled innuendos directed towards Mr. Ex, the same applies. Although it’s tempting to post a lot to show your emotions, your friends will be uncomfortable and likely to block you.

Do not criticize Mr. Ex to six-hundred-fifty-eight of your friends. Your friends may not agree with your view of him just because he isn’t the Knight in Shining Armor you once thought him to be. You may have common friends if you were together for a long time. He will hear that you have either insulted his name or spoken complimentary words. The first option will confirm that he was in your best interests.

Your first instinct would be to change your relationship status to “In a Relationship.”

It will change it to “Single”. Don’t rush. Instead, wait at most three days before you make any changes. To avoid it being posted to your newsfeed, set your settings to private.

For two weeks, you can be completely silent if you want Mr. Ex to notice. Gradually, start sharing pictures of yourself and your friends looking amazing. Don’t overdo it. Let him know that you aren’t an emotional wreck and that you can continue on without him. Your mutual friends will spread the word.

After a breakup, I have heard of women who delete their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Excuse me… Are you trying to let the world know, Mr. Ex, that you are handling a breakup through hiding? It makes you feel sad, lonely, and pathetic. It conveys that you are unable to handle a breakup. Remember that a breakup is not a complete breakup in the grand overall design. It is the end of one chapter before it begins.

Be positive that a breakup doesn’t mean you are going to be broken. There is no other option than to continue on your journey and become even more incredible. You send the message that you are having trouble with social media by deleting your account. For the sake of doing nothing, you should not log in for a while. Remember that the world will only see what you post for them to see.

You are a class act when you remain calm, cool, and collected at the end of each day.