26 Breakup Rules To Live By

  1. Do not try to be friends.
  2. Do not make contact with Mr. Ex.
  3. Do not try to convince him otherwise.
  4. Avoid going to places where you are certain he will be.
  5. Do not try to solve problems via text message or telephone. (Remember real conversations require eye contact)
  6. Do not answer each call. You should only answer one of his three attempts to reach you.
  7. Do not respond to text messages that say “nothing”.
  8. Do not ask him for a date. Wait for him to ask. If he does not ask you for a date, it is likely that he isn’t interested.
  9. Last-minute dates are not something you should agree to. Tell him if he wants to meet you that day. You can make a suggestion for the next day or three days later.
  10. After seven o’clock, don’t answer your phone or send any texts.
  11. Weekends are not the best time to answer the phone or send texts.
  12. You shouldn’t invite him into your home.
  13. Don’t accept last-minute dates. Accept that he isn’t planning dates.
  14. Do not compete with other women.
  15. If he isn’t a good match for you, don’t go out with him.
  16. Don’t rush into sex.
  17. Recover your love for Mr. Ex (only better).
  18. Return items that are urgently required. See faqs.
  19. Plan your week week ahead and stay busy.
  20. Make a list of the requirements that you need in a relationship.
  21. Take your time to heal.
  22. Rely on your friends during this time
  23. Always look your best.
  24. No matter how much you may not want to, it is important that you start dating men.
  25. Learn to love the chase.
  26. Do love yourself …

Always, always, always, be classy!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Mr. Ex. needs to have a razor, toothbrush and other personal items returned. To make arrangements, should I text or call Mr. Ex?

Answer: These items should be thrown out with the rest of your garbage. You should throw away personal items that are easily replaceable. You don’t need to think about it. You should pack personal belongings of significant value in a box and send them to your home address. No note. No card. Mr. Ex anticipates opening the box to find a sweet love note asking him to return to you. You can make Mr. Ex question your motives and take away his ego. If Mr. Ex insists that he swing by your home to get any items he left, tell him that you will be happy to leave a (neatly packed) box at your front door. There’s no need to ring your doorbell. You can go shopping, or visit friends.

Question: He needs his house key back. Do I need to call or text him to arrange for delivery?

Answer: Send the key to him in an envelope. Without speaking to Mr. Ex, make all arrangements necessary to get him the key. Do not waste time making a note or card to accompany the key. If he can think half a dozen times, he will be able to open the envelope and recognize that it is his house key.

Question: My facial creme was left at my neighbor’s house. Do I need to drop by his house to pick it up or should I just leave?

Answer: No, unless you paid three hundred dollars and the full jar was imported from England. If you are able to afford facial cream for three hundred dollars, chances are that you can buy another jar. You can always buy more at the drugstore.

Question: My husband and I have children together. What is the best way to start the no contact rule for children?

Answer: No. Communicate with children where they are concerned. The children are not the only thing you should communicate with. Communicate clearly and concisely.

Question: It is his birthday. Do I send him a Happy birthday text?

Answer: Answer: No. He will remember who didn’t send him birthday wishes for longer than who did.

Question: How about Christmas? What about Christmas?

Answer: No. If you get a text saying ‘Merry Christmas,’ it would be a good idea to reply. You would respond with a ‘And one to me’ message. Wait at least three hours before you reply. Send the text to him after 8 o’clock at night. Wait until the next day for a reply. Resume no contact.

Question: Is it Valentine’s Day? Should I send a Happy Valentine’s text? Answer: You can guess my answer. No. No. No. No. No. No. No! It’s possible to not see it, but you may not be aware of the fact that he sent several dozen roses to different women.

When he asks you to go out for Valentine’s Day dinner, you should politely reply “Have Plans”, especially if you only plan to stay home with your dog and watch Grey’s Anatomy. If he wanted to wine-and-dine you for Valentine, he would have made arrangements for it well in advance. I trust you get my point. He should not be contacted in any way. If he is your next-door neighbor, and you see fire coming from his windows, it is acceptable to end No Contact. You can break No Contact at this time. Do not let anyone get in your way!

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